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About Us

Every music lesson at Accent Music Lessons is given with the greatest of care and concern for your musical development. We are absolutely positive that once you experience our approach, you will understand why over 300 people come each week for lessons. That is just how confident we are with the musical experience you will have with us. Below is a list of our dedicated staff and instructors, alphabetized by instrument name or service provided.

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Types of Lessons Offered
(Alphabetized by Instrument)

  • Acoustic Guitar Lessons - Chris Buckley, Chris Diggs, Greg Barnett,
    and James McKeever
  • Banjo Lessons - Chris Buckley
  • Baritone Lessons - John Robinson and Keith Mitchell
  • Bass Guitar Lessons - Chris Buckley, Chris Diggs, Greg Barnett, and James McKeever
  • Cello Lessons - Kay Bowman
  • Clarinet Lessons - Dana Koehn, Greg Barnett, Keith Mitchell, and Sean Pelato
  • DJ Services - Alex Jones and Chris Buckley
  • Drum Lessons - Brad Martin, Dana Koehn, and Rob Lee
  • Electric Guitar Lessons - Chris Buckley, Chris Diggs, Greg Barnett,
    and James McKeever
  • Euphonium Lessons - John Robinson and Keith Mitchell
  • Fiddle Lessons - Devon Kirsch
  • Flute Lessons - Greg Barnett, Hannah Gillaspie, and Lindsey Davis
  • French Horn Lessons - Keith Mitchell
  • Guitar Lessons - Chris Buckley, Chris Diggs, Greg Barnett, and James McKeever
  • Irish Whistle Lessons - Greg Barnett
  • Mandolin Lessons - Chris Buckley
  • Percussion Lessons - Brad Martin and Rob Lee
  • Piano Lessons - Dana Koehn, Dillon Czech, Dimitri Heaggans, Josh Gaxiola
    Kay Bowman, Lindsey Davis, Megan Gaxiola
    Sean Pelato, and Warren Gilmore
  • Saxophone Lessons - Dana Koehn, Dillon Czech, Greg Barnett, and Keith Mitchell
  • Trombone Lessons - Dana Koehn and Keith Mitchell
  • Trumpet Lessons - Dana Koehn, John Robinson, and Keith Mitchell
  • Tuba Lessons - Keith Mitchell
  • Viola Lessons - Devon Kirsch
  • Violin Lessons - Devon Kirsch and Hannah Gillaspie
  • Voice Lessons - Dimitri Heaggans, Lindsey Davis, Megan Gaxiola
    and Warren Gilmore(Singing Lessons / Vocal Coach)

Music Instructors and Personnel
(Alphabetized by Name)

Brad Martin - Drum and Percussion Instructor

Brad Martin
Chris Buckley - Banjo, Bass Guitar, Guitar,
Mandolin, and Ukulele Instructor, and DJ
Chris Buckley
Chris Diggs - Guitar and Bass Instructor

Chris Diggs
Dana Koehn - Sax, Piano, Clarinet,
Trumpet, Trombone Instructor
Dana Koehn
Devon Kirsch - Viola, Violin, and
Beginner Piano Instructor
Devon Kirsh

Dillon Czech - Piano and Sax Instructor

Dillon Czech
Dimitri Heaggans - Vocal & Piano Instructor

Dimitri Heaggans

Greg Barnett - Bass Guitar, Clarinet, Flute,
Guitar, and Saxophone Instructor
Gregg Barnett
Hannah Gillaspie - Violin and Flute Instructor

Hannah Gillaspie
James McKeever - Bass and Guitar Instructor
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James McKeever
John Robinson - Trumpet & Euphonium
Instructor and Website Designer
John Robinson
Josh Gaxiola - Piano Instructor

Josh Gaxiola
Kay Bowman - Cello and Piano Instructor

Kay Bowman

Keith Mitchell - Trombone, Trumpet, Baritone
Euphonium, and French Horn Instructor
Keith Mitchell
Lindsey Davis - Voice, Piano, and Flute
Lindsey Davis

Megan Gaxiola - Vocal & Piano Instructor

Megan Gaxiola

Sean Pelato - Piano & Clarinet Instructor

Sean Pelato
Tina Smith - Receptionist

Tina Smith
Warren Gilmore - Vocal Instructor / Voice
Coach and Piano Instructor
Warren Gilmore